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Rich Email Notifications with Contextual Data

Question asked by bwcole on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2017 by Hallett_German

Action - New Send SMTP Mail action has a listing of dynamic fields that can be added to the subject and body of an email.


If you click on the ? box

You get a list of all of the dynamic tokens, in this question focusing on the "$(Problem_Detail_List_Only) field.


When an alert has "Notify by individual metric" the problem detail list only should have a single row


NormalSuperDomain|abcef001|AIXAgent|PerfMonAgent|vmstat|Memory:computational pages %93


I would like to use this as my subject in my email but since it is a list, the replacement does not occur and I get the following:

TEST vmstat - memory - computational pages % - ${Problem_Detail_List_Only}


Is there anyway to index into the list and only use the first row of a list or be able to reference the text only by index?


So, like

${Problem_Detail_List_Only}[1,1] = Normal

${Problem_Detail_List_Only}[1,2] = SuperDomain|abcef001|AIXAgent|PerfMonAgent|vmstat|Memory:computational pages %

${Problem_Detail_List_Only}[1,3] = 93



${Problem_Detail_List_Only}[1] = Normal SuperDomain|abcef001|AIXAgent|PerfMonAgent|vmstat|Memory:computational pages % 93



Thank you,