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Test Report doesn't show in Reporting Dashboard when a test suite is run with the help of JUNIT and ANT

Question asked by ebenezar.janga on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by vishnu38


   I am trying to execute Devtest Tests and Suites as JUNIT tests with the help of using ANT build. i followed the tutorials and some useful resources from CA communities pages and have created the set up required.

created, build.xml, in the base directory of my Ant Project.



i have two targets in my build.xml


one target is call JunitTest and another is called JunitSuite and have tests specified in the each "lisatest" inside the "junitlisa" for the former and for the later had test suite specified.

 When i run build JunitTest it execute fine and published junit report as well as report in devtest console and portal.


However when i run the ant build like build JunitSuite, the suite executes by executing tests in the suite in my case two tests and a junit report also is being produced but i dont see any report in dashboard in devtest console and also in devtest portal (CAI) under monitoring and tests.


Can anyone point me if i m missing anything.