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Application Object - what is your experience?

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Jul 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by prapr08

Hi all.

   It's that time of year again where we swear we're going to get all Non Project work out of Projects.


   Probably like yourself we manage 100s of commercial off the shelf applications (COTS). Our managers budget for and manage this work today in PPM in what we call 'Service & Operations Projects'. Our implementation started pre NPIOs, so part of this is 'this is the way we've always done it' and the other part is - and I want to be wrong here - we can't seem to see how NPIOs give us what we need and make our world easier.


Let's take an application for example. We allocate to 'Support', 'Maintenance', 'Other Stuff' with the remaining Project Availability for Project work. Taking this paradigm into an Application & dreaming a bit, we'd like to be able to allow a manager to sub enumerate some Maintenance & Support 'bucket' tasks on their Application, then have the ability to easily enumerate a backlog of Service Requests as they come in and work them individually based on whatever process they wish (we're a long way off from DevOps, but a Kanban approach is something most can understand). 

I've checked with Agile Central, and while, yes, people do this, bringing another tool in is probably outside of our budget and change appetite. I've been asked to research what is the best we can do with what we own. If we could put a WBS on an NPIO we could get it all on one object. Has anyone figured out a backdoor to get multiple tasks on an NPIO? I've played around with the Incidents on the Application, but these only support converting to Tasks or Projects which defeats our purpose - our goal here is to get all this work out of projects.


Does anyone have any slick NPIO solutions they can share?


While I'm dreaming... Simple Work Type Centric Allocations.