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Filter in grid portlet does not display data unless the Show All button is clicked

Question asked by sparc.helpdesk on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by Dave_3.0

I have a custom portlet that displays the baseline tasks of projects. Here when I filter provide inputs to the filter section and Filter the data, it does not display any results and show No items to display.


My protlet settings initially.

My Portlet results:

But when I click Show All, once the complete data is displayed only then my filter section works.

Also, I do not have any mandatory filter fields.

and the portlet picks data from the MAT VIEW.


I have changed the portlet settings to:

Now, all the data is displayed when the user accesses the Portlet Page and it takes around 2 min to display the data.

How can I solve the issue of my filter?? How do I make it work without Show All or Automatically Filter option?


Soumya P