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Project Template financial status "Closed" but new investments have status "Open"

Question asked by Christopher Yardin Champion on Jul 17, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2017 by Christopher Yardin

Hi PPM Community,


We have a problem on our PPM environments that I am racking my brain to resolve, but coming up with blanks.


We have forced creation of new project investments to be via project templates (by removing the global right . We have a number of these that match the different investment lifecycles. What is common amongst these lifecycles is the "pipeline" phase which is technically "Closed" for actual expenditure. (as an aside, Ideas for us are pre-"pipeline").


All our templates have a financial Status of "Closed". But when we spin up a new project from the templates, the financial Status is switched to "Open".


I have looked on the 'Administration' menu side under Project Management => Settings, General Settings => System Options, Finance => Setup, and can't find any settings here. Any help would be appreciated.