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How show all the status in the search KD

Question asked by Felipean on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by Felipean

Hi everyone,


I created new Knowledge Document (KD) statuses:

"Aprovacao da equipe do conhecimento"
"Revisao especialista"
"Revisao Tecnica"

beyond the default ones:



I wanna show all them in the search KD, but only some statuses appears in the search:



I have checked the list_KD.htmpl, and there is a section with some sort of code using a "ShowCheckbox".

<PDM_MACRO name=sfStartRow>
                // If allowed view non-published KDs
                if (ahdtop.m_bAllowViewNonPublished && argSearchType != "")
                        document.writeln("<th valign='baseline' align='left' colspan=3><span class='labeltext'>Procurar documentos nestes status: </span></th>");
                        document.writeln("<tr><td nowrap colspan=3>");
                        ShowCheckbox("cbStatus_70", "Publicado");
                        for (var lStatus = 0; lStatus < ahdtop.m_arrStatusCnt; lStatus++)
                                ShowCheckbox("cbStatus_" + ahdtop.m_arrAllowedStatusIDs[lStatus],
                //display default query checkbox if one exists for this user role
                if(ahdtop.default_crsq_persid != "" && ahdtop.default_crsq_desc != "")


I think new statuses should appear as new checkboxes automatically. Anyone has a similar configuration for this case?



Felipe Nunes