Does your organization auto-approve timesheets?

Discussion created by L.Elias Champion on Jul 17, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by am1

There was a pretty good discussion on this topic back at RegoUniversity, but wanted to reach out to the broader community to see how many organizations are using some sort of auto-approve process on timesheets?


If you do, are resource managers still expected to review and reject any with errors? If so, what are they using to review? Jasper report, custom portlet, something else? Did you notice any change in behavior or accuracy when switching from manual review/approval to automation?


This isn't something we currently do but has been on my mind ever since RegoU, so I wanted to get some info from others on how they're approaching this.


Sidenote, I tried to create this as a poll but was unable to, I guess that feature isn't available any more? It showed all "places" as unavailable for selection