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Has anyone been able to proxy the web-based Policy Manager using an Apache reverse-proxy?

Question asked by JamesLum18000513 on Jul 17, 2017
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We are trying to proxy the web-based SSG Policy Manager (PM) using Apache 2.2.x as a reverse proxy.


We almost get it working but when we attempt to access the PM, using either IE11 or Firefox (an older version since the newer Firefox won't work with the Java plugin) we can log in, and the PM UI appears for a split-second and then the login page appears again.


From reviewing the logs, etc., it appears that the browser is logging in, but after logging in it is sending another GET request almost immediately for https://<SSG_HOST_PORT>/ssg/webadmin?logout=true.


In other words, it appears immediately after logging in, the java code on the browser is deciding that it needs to log out of the PM.


Has anyone been able to proxy to the SSG PM with an Apache proxy?  We have a case and support says that they know that some customers have been able to do it, but support hasn't been able to figure out why this is not working.


Our Apache config for this is pretty simple.  Basically we just added the proxy for /ssg in the extra/httpd-ssl.conf:


SSLProxyEngine On SSLProxyCACertificateFile "/apps/httpd2.2.29_FOR_WL11GPLUGIN/conf/certs/"  DumpIOInput On DumpIOOutput On DumpIOLogLevel debug   # JL - Proxy  <Location /ssg> ProxyPass ProxyPassReverse </Location>


If anyone has info on this, please let me know?