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Customer Enhancement to expand SYSPLEX variable functionality to RDF Tables

Discussion created by Michael Kiehl Employee on Jul 18, 2017
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Hello OPS/MVS Enthusiasts,


I was recently at a customer site for a visit to discuss OPS/MVS direction and was asked about expanding the SYSPLEX variable functionality into RDF Tables.  This would allow them to get the benefits of storing information within RDF tables (SQL commands, and viewing/editing via 2.6) while still being able to share data automatically within a SYSPLEX. 


Is this something that you would find useful to have implemented?  If so, what use cases would you see this functionality being used for and would it be replacing user written code? Or is there some other SYSPLEX related functionality that you would find more important for us to focus on?


Thank you for your support and information.


Michael Kiehl

OPS/MVS Product Manager


P.S. please feel free to email me (michael.kiehl@ca.com) if you feel you can't post your response publicly do to your companies policies.