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Update existing VS using Lisa invoke api

Question asked by sdabbiru on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2017 by UdayKarthik_M

Hi Supportlisteners,


Offlate we have been trying to build a script to update the virtual service with any new transaction using the Lisa virutalize invoke api calls using RR pairs. We are trying to follow the approach suggested in the below link.

Add Transactions to an Existing Virtual Service from RR Pairs or a Specification Document (WSDL) - DevTest Solutions - 1… 

where we are stuck is in the second step. When we create the builder session from an existing mar we are getting the below error.

{"error": {
"stackTrace": [
"type": "UncheckedExecutionException",
"message": "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Our audit file is either missing or we are not a model archive or are corrupt."

could anyone suggest what could be the issue. we are using the content type as application/zip and took a valid mar with audit document included in the content section of the post call. DevTest version being used is 10.1.


Thanks in advance!!