#[Fixed Defects] for July 19, 2017

Discussion created by JohnStreeter Employee on Jul 19, 2017

DE33500 - Values hidden in Drop Down list (Multi Value) Field Editor when using Chrome
DE35457 - Milestone Burnup Chart Labeled as Burndown
DE27726 - Bulk Edit fails when trying to edit Release/Iteration on a child project when scoped to Parent Project where user is a viewer
DE27294 - Custom List Header Displays Some Column Header Totals in Wrong Location
DE33462 - Keyboard shortcut for "Search" not working in Standard Navigation
DE35404 - Portfolio Item Timeline does not honor custom page filter for releases
DE32834 - When copying User Stories or Defects with Test Cases that have a result, copy shows Test Case status and Icon even though there is no Test Case
DE34931 - Unable to Copy Work Item after Owner Deleted (USxxxx was deleted by another user)
DE35122 - Cannot type in dates (EDP/QDP) or delete them once they are entered (EDP)
DE35178 - Search results only rendering in part of page



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