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Creating users on IM - using profiles

Question asked by tpes on Jul 19, 2017
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We are creating users on UMP (Portal) to allow access to the Dashboards, and also creating users on IM (Infrastructure Manager). We had some trouble understanding how users could access the Admin Console/IM and the portlets (on UMP).


We were following the guidelines given by these articles:



However this does not seem to be quite right...

If we create a user at the IM interface (Infrastructure Manager), we usually aren't able to login to UMP with it.

However, if we create a profile and assign it to the username, we are able to login to UMP using that username.


Why does this happen? Is it supposed to?


This is what we expected:

  • Users created on IM (or Admin Console) are not seen on UMP (Configuration->Accounts)
  • Users created on IM (or Admin Console) shouldn't be able to login to UMP (only to Admin Console), unless a checkbox is selected on the "manage ACL" (IM) to "Make ACL Permissions available for Account/Contacts".
  • Users created on IM could be linked to Accounts (defined on UMP), by using the "Set Account Link" button


However, even this way, we cannot login to UMP with a user created on IM (unless it is a LDAP user).

Only by adding a "profile" are we able to do it.

What is the purpose of the profile?




Note: We're using UIM 8.5