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Introscope Heap Size Calculation (regarding Wily Host Agent)

Question asked by bmunkhzaya on Jul 20, 2017
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Hello experts!

I am facing issue in how to calculate the heap size for Wily Host Agent of Wily Introscope9. We have a SAP Solution Manager (Dual stack) 7.1 SP12 with over 100 managed systems.


In the Introscope Webview→Investigator I can see 80 servers with

process name='SAP HostAgent Process' an agent name 'SAP HostAgent <SMDAgent_nstancename>'

Only for Solution Manager itself it has another process name='SAP NetWeaver`


In this case, how I should calculate and set the Introscope heap size? (using -Xmx and -Xms)


Now it is set to Xms13312m -Xmx13312m because in the Installation guide it said below

"for up to ten agents, the default configuration using 512MB Java heap (about 1GB main memory) will suffice. For about twenty additional agents, add 512MB of Java heap to a total of 1024MB (allow 2GB main memory)."


but agent here means Introscope Java agent i guess?? then I have only one java agent which means I have too much heap size set for my system... I understood wrong that every agent (Java agent or WilyHost agent)is same for the above calculation..


The installation guide says below about Wily Host agent

"The host adapter generates less load on the Enterprise Manager than a normal agent. For this reason, it should not be included with the same weight in the memory sizing calculation above."


So any information or tips how to decide how much heap size i should have??

Sorry for unsummarized text...


Any answer would help! Thank You!