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Useful JVM options for testing JBOSS/Wildfly Cluster with Identity Portal/SIGMA in LAB ONLY

Discussion created by Alan Baugher Employee on Jul 20, 2017



I wanted to re-validate both default multicast (UDP) and unicast (TCP) cluster for CA Identity Portal on JBOSS/Wildfly.



Instead of setting up two (2) servers, I used the JVM option of port offset to assist.



Example of two (2) JBOSS instances, in a cluster configuration on a single server:  

    [NOTE:  Do not deploy two (2) JBOSS on same server for PRODUCTION environment]



Step 01) CA Identity Portal / SIGMA was deployed on JBOSS EAP 6.4 with JDK 1.7.0_b79 (x64) on MS Win 2012R2 with MS SQL Express 2014.

-  If issue connecting with a default JBOSS/Wildfly instance, update the standalone.bat file with this JVM option:

set "SERVER_OPTS=%SERVER_OPTS% -bmanagement= -b="

 - May pre-check with this JBOSS cli command:

jboss-cli.bat --connect --controller=dc2012:9999  --commands=version,quit   --user=admin --password=Password01!


Step 02) After installation was complete and no issues were noted upon startup, this instance was shutdown.


Step 03) A copy of the JBOSS folder (complete) was copied and placed with another name.

    - The standalone.bat was updated with additional JVM options to assist with the port offset for the 2nd JBOSS.

    -  Updated node name entry to avoid collision.

     - Path in the standalone.xml file were updated as needed, to reflect relative paths.

     - Updated OS F/W to avoid blocking ports used by JBOSS/Wildfly:  8080, 8443,9990, 9999, 4447, 7800, 7801


Step 04) Both JBOSS started and validated multicast has no issues.

     -  Ensure data source name is correctly referenced in the multicast/unicast XML files


Step 05) Shutdown JBOSS and updated standalone.xml for unicast, and additional JVM options for standalone.bat

   - Screen shot below


set "SERVER_OPTS=%SERVER_OPTS% -bmanagement= -b="

set "SERVER_OPTS=%SERVER_OPTS% -Djboss.socket.binding.port-offset=100"


set "SERVER_OPTS=%SERVER_OPTS% -Dsigma.portal.jgroups.tcp.port=7900 -Dsigma.hibernate.jgroups.tcp.port=7901"


Step 06) Ensure the "reference" unicast/multicast files are sourced correctly with a full PATH

-  Screen shot below






Validation: Example of a unicast (TCP) cluster with information from server.logs








MS Windows F/W Ports:  

-  First JBOSS (no offset):  8080, 8443,9990, 9999, 4447, 7800, 7801 

-  2nd JBOSS (offset by 100):   8180, 8543, 10090, 10099, 4547, 7900, 7901





- Alan