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REST Timeout and Pagesize inconsistency

Question asked by chance.k.barkley on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by davse04

When executing a REST Get, is there any way to set the fetch to exclude certain fields rather than having to explicitly list everything except the fields like APIMajor, APIMinor, etc?


I've experienced inconsistent performance over the last month.  Last week I successfully extracted the entire Task object with a page size of 2000, today it failed for 2000, 1000, and finally ran successfully for 500.  Two weeks ago I could extract HierarchicalRequirement with a page size of 250, but just now it failed with a page size of 100 after pulling half of the records.


Often, a pagesize of 2000 wont even successfully return results in the graph view to the API documentation interface or when extracting a single row from the header for total row count


Adjusting the timeout seems to have little impact, yet the failure indicates that the extract is timing out.


Any suggestions?