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NFA Version 9.3.7

Question asked by MCX.1 on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2017 by CatalinF



We are using UIM Version 8.5.1 and we want to integrate with NFA Version 9.3.7.


The problem we are facing is that when we select product from drop down list

  • CA Network Flow Analysis For UIM -Partner - Multi-Platform



  • After that  9.3 is auto selected in Select Release
  • then we select SP7 in Select a Gen level then hit Go



  • The below screen is appears there are no package product Component in list



FYI when we select SP3 & SP6 in Select a Gen level drop-down list, we are able to see all appropriate packages but for SP7 there are no packages avaliable.


For SP3


For SP6



So my question is that why we are not able get packages for NFA 9.3.7 when we select SP7 ??


How can we resolve this,so that we can download packages for NFA 9.3.7.


Kindly suggest and do needful.