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Customize employe page to add two combo

Question asked by DouglasMolina82316635 on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2017 by DouglasMolina82316635

Hi, someone has edit this page (Employe) to add combo box editable, the idea is create two combo, in the firs add six option and depends of each option show more option in the combo two, for example see the image 1:


image 1:


I do this, but only show options, adding all the option in web screen painter with this line:


detailDropdown("Region","string1","cr",1,20,"1:10","","$args.string1","no","","","","","no","","None","","GAM","GAM","Central","Central","Brunca","Brunca","Chorotega","Chorotega","Huetar Atlantico","Huetar Atlantico","Pacifico Central","Pacifico Central","Sede","Sede","");


detailDropdown("Cantonal","string2","cr",1,50,"1:10","","$args.string2","no","","","","","no","","None","","Agencia de Ciudad Colon","Agencia de Ciudad Colon","");


But i need this editable, to add or inactive options, similar to the area.