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Legacy Federation setup - SAML 1.1

Question asked by K.Anurag on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by K.Anurag

I am trying to setup SSO between 2 applications using SAML 1.1 Legacy Federation. I have gone through the SiteMinder documentation, but few points are not clear.


  1. On the IDP/Producer side, where in the affiliate domain do we define the configurations for SP/Consumer, Is it the 'SAML Service Providers' tab or the 'Resource Partners' ?
  2. How to define the IDP/Producer configurations on the SP/Consumer side ?
    I read that we have to create an authentication scheme with SAML Post Profile (if we are using HTTP-Post) and then bind it to realms and make a policy.
    But how just binding it to a policy will help in creating a trust with the IDP/Producer. There is no where that we are defining the IDP/Producer config on the SP/Consumer side.

Please throw some light.