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DevTest Containarization (why should we docker?)

Question asked by ihullu on Jul 22, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2018 by Beverly Mindle

I am since a short while playing around with docker. I was able to generate the docker images and spin up a few VSE docker containers. Each time I started a new container I had to increase the portnumber with one otherwise there is a collision (I run everything in one VM now for testing).


My thoughts were to create a docker swarm where I could spin off a variable number of docker VSE containers. For example you have a team who owns a docker swarm with a central registry container running in it that all VSE containers can register to. Inidividual team members can spin off VSE containers if they want and run them in the docker swarm.


I have not tested this before but I can think of a problem you cannot easily spin off another container because you need to specify a free port each time you start a new container otherwise you will have a collision with an already running one. But how do I keep track of all free ports (trial and error?!?) in a swarm? I do not know how many VSE Containers there are already running and what port they are using, The VSEs do not have that nice feature a simulator has that it will try another free port when one is occupied. Or is this possible and do I miss something (could be my lack of real knowledge on infrastructure but nowadays we software guys are 'forced' to know about this because because of DevOps ;-)


I just want to use the capabilities of docker swarms. Perhaps this is a strange use case or there is actually no real use case other then 'is this technalcally possible'.


My second question  would be (can I ask two questions in one?) what are the real use cases for DevTest containarization?  To me being somewhat skeptical would only be a container starts must faster than the command line executable. CI/CD I hear?!?  But I cannot think of a scenario for CI/CD. With Jenkins you could use the REST api for example (never used it before but it looks promising).


If anyone can share me his success with DevTest containarization please enlight me.