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Two Status Report Objects?

Question asked by AlistairMiller on Jul 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by CA-TECH-INFO-DAMON

We're just starting to look at using CA PPM for project status reporting - legacy PPM, not the new UI because it's not flexible enough to meet our business requirements.


I've noticed in my travels there are 2 Status Report objects in our PPM environment - one with an ID 'cop_prj_statusrpt'  with a Content Source of 'PMO Accelerator' and the second with an id 'catsprjstatusrep' with a Content Source ''. It's the second one that seems to be the 'active' one linked up to the Projects, however the first one seems to come with better fields, features & functions.


Now, our environments are a bit of a mess after a few false starts so it's possible one or both of them is a custom sub-object.  I'm wondering if anyone can help me out: which one (if either) is the 'proper' one that we should be using? If it's cop_prj_statusrpt can someone point me at the documentation that will help me decommission the other one, and link that one to the Projects? (I've surfed docops and couldn't find anything).

(V15.2, PPM onDemand)


Cheers in advance