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API Migration Using GMU

Question asked by rdas4 on Jul 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by Jan.Murdoch


I am using GMU 1.3.00 for API migration. Following are the steps I am following

1. migrateOut the services from the Gateway Instance

GatewayMigrationUtility.bat migrateOut --argFile "D:/GMU/" --dest "D:Codebase/dealerapi/v1/dealer.xml" --defaultAction NewOrUpdate --serviceName /dealerapi/v1/dealer


2. templatize it using template command

GatewayMigrationUtility.bat template --bundle "D:Codebase/dealerapi/v1/dealer.xml" --template "D:Codebase/dealerapi/v1/template/"


3. migrateIn the services to the gateway after changing the back-end microservice instance details.

GatewayMigrationUtility.bat migrateIn --argFile "D:/GMU/" --bundle
"D:Codebase/dealerapi/v1/dealer.xml" --templat
e "D:Codebase/dealerapi/v1/template/" --destFolder /dealerapi/v1


This is working fine when I am trying to migrateIn the services to same instance of the gateway from where I had migrateOut. However, it is failing when I am trying to migrateIn to another instance of gateway. I am able to migrateIn the fragments but not the services. Following is the error.


Execution failed. Reason: Migrate in failed: Bad Request Resource validation fai
led due to 'INVALID_VALUES' Invalid private key data


Am I missing any steps? Please guide.