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CDM AC Options in CFG now?

Question asked by Daniel Blanco Champion on Jul 24, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2017 by Yu_Ishitani

Hello, so I was playing about with the latest CDM probe (v6.10) and turning on most of the Network and Disk options thru the Admin Console Configuration GUI. I noticed that in that robots cdm probes folder, there was no Template folder and that the AC options were located in the cdm's CFG file? 

Is this new or was this recently added in this version? Or was this always the case where if the probe didn't make use of Templates, then the cfg's settings that were set in the AC dialog were placed in the probes.cfg file? 


I was under the assumption that since the option to turn on the Network monitoring and the extra Disk metrics were only available thru the AC that those metric options were kept in some AC folder under the probe's directory.