Weekly Personal Plea: Thanks Fernando, Dave & Karthik! (Ask/Answer Questions, Start/Join In Discussions)

Discussion created by Hallett_German Employee on Jul 24, 2017



In 2017, I initiated various efforts to improve the APM/AXA/ASM customer experience. One of these is to help this community become richer through more customer involvement. Recently, I wrote down my thoughts  


 APM Community Opportunity: Help Your Online Neighbor! 


discussing what I hope is the next transition of the APM Community.


My Favorite Post Last Week

Recently,there was an awesome interchange between Fernando asking a question, and Karthik plus Dave responding. You can read it at this link.


I am hoping that others are encouraged to do the same thing!!!


The Next Step

I thank those of you that contributed a post (like Fernando), document, blog, or a response last week (like Dave & Karthik.). I hope more of you consider doing so especially in the area of customers providing assistance to other customers. (Just like neighbors helping each other in the non-digital world.) I am asking when a question comes in, that CA staff refrain a reasonable time for customers to have the first chance in responding with their invaluable suggestions and problem-solving tips to their peers.


Why not this be the week that we begin to actively begin doing  this? I can tell you personally, what a great feeling it is when someone says that your idea was helpful or that solved their issue.


I look forward to seeing your contributions soon. Thank you in advance! 


Hal German