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Rally Relational Reporting

Question asked by dale.h.timberlake on Jul 24, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by blawe01

Rally is a relational database application which links User stories, Test Cases, and Defects within the basic operation of the application. The issue I have is in tracking and reporting the basic metrics from this relational database. The Rally screens will display the needed data, but the CSV download or the Excel shows a truncated representation in many cases. I am requesting that the data available from either the CSV down load or the Excel plugin display the complete relational data fields to allow correct reporting of the hierarchy as stored.

  • User Stories
    • Test Cases
      • Defects

I want the report to format the results in the following structure using the relational data fields to link between each;

User Story;

Formatted ID, Name, Creation Date, Iteration, Schedule State

      Test Cases;

      Formatted ID, Name, Work Product, Method, Creation Date


            Formatted ID, Name, Description, Requirement, Creation Date, Iteration,


One version of the performance report will list each User Story along with the Name field, the number of test cases run against that User Story along with the Name field, and the defects discovered against the Test Case with failure details. I am attempting to track points of failure and if there in a quality improvement over time. If a Test case needs to be performed multiple times to achieve a successful result,  I need to represent that. Test Cases are performed within a Scrum team as well as in Release Testing, this would show if the code from the Scrum Team in improving over time based on where the testing is performed, and where the failures are detected. The ideal for me would be able to query the Rally data directly (read only) to select the data fields I need to perform this reporting. I have reached out to our internal Rally Team, but the response was not satisfactory, and would result in a multi step Excel effort to attempt to connect the relational processes.


Thanks, Dale Timberlake