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WebServices Client node in Team Center

Question asked by Geethu_John on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by Guenter_Grossberger



I have some issues with Experience card and Team Center map. I am using 10.5.2

One of the use case is


I have three apps in the transaction flow. App A->App B->App C ->DB

In team center map, I can see the full flow with App A as 'frontend' node and 'webservices as server' nodes in app B and 'servlet' and 'webservices as server' nodes in app c.


A and B are .NET apps whereas C is java based.


When end user sends a SEARCH request to App A, he gets the reply, no results found. Exp Card and Team center shows nothing.


Bu actually , at app B, it gets a 500 error from app C. At the agent level in webview, you can see the errors  at the Frontend node of app B and webservices as client node of app B. Since the TC map doesnt have any of these nodes for App B, everything looks green and healthy.


Is there any solution for this?