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Xceedium Browser accesion Web pages with ActiveX

Question asked by schfa02 Employee on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by celeste_catena

Hi, I´m trying to configure on CA PAM access to a Web Page that uses ActiveX, when I configure the TCP/UDP service to lunch the URL using the native browser and this is iexplorer all works perfect, but when I use Xceedium Browser I have problems, because I can not drill in the menu options. I need to use the Xceedium Browser because the object of the customer is to record the web sessions.


How can I solve this issue?

Is there a way to activate ActiveX on our Xceedium Browser?


Using default browser: here I can choose protocol or other menu options

With default browser (iexplorer)

Using Xceedium Browser: here I´m not able to choose nothing, because it nos displayed, so I can not continue.

Xceedium browser