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Time Entry Note Error

Question asked by bruce_goins on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by lakse01

We have a sporadic issue with a specific user that when he tries to enter a Note on his timesheet, the receives the following error: "Error All required fields need to be filled out".

The "Note" section is the only required field and the user has populated that field and is still receiving the error.


Here are some other specifics we asked the user.


  1. What browser are you using? Google Chrome 
  2. Do you have Clarity open in more than 1 Tab or Browser at a time? No , I am opening it in one tab/browser at a time.
  3. How are you accessing your timesheets? Are you going down the path of Home / Timesheets or do you have a saved favorite link that you use? Both but most of the times I use the saved favorite links
  4. When you enter notes are you typing them directly into the Notes box or are you doing a copy paste from somewhere else? I have tried both the processes but am not able to add my comments.


Any help would be appreciated.