Number of characters that can be displayed on Windows panel

Discussion created by niconico on Jul 27, 2017



We are using Plex r7.1 and the language is WinC.


Plex help has the following description, but we were able to display 2048 byte character string on Windows panel using MFC control. The field with "FLD length NBR" 2048 is placed in the single instance region, and the Multiline property is "No".
(By using the Winwidget control, it was possible to display up to 256 byte characters on Windows panel.)


FLD length NBR
Specifies the total length of a field (including any decimal places).

Note: The RPG generator places a limit of 256 on the length of a primary key in an System i database.
On Windows panels, character fields have a limit of 256 characters in grids and 1024 characters in single instance regions. A string longer than these limits does not fully display.



Were there any changes in the specifications of character limit that can be displayed on the Windows panel?

If the specification change has been made, how much is the Max number of characters that can be displayed on the Windows panel?