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Previous Attribute Value on Team Subobject

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by Robert Ensinger

Hi folks.

    I am attempting to create a Start Condition on an Idea based process that runs when an Idea's Allocation has changed.


    I cannot select Allocation as a Previous Value in the Start Condition Builder UI:



   Attempting to enter the expression using the expected syntax ( _oldValue ) does not evaluate or validate successfully.




  One probably can work around this by using Total Labor Effort on the Idea (in theory these should be in sync, yes?) but I'd like to take a shot at doing this right first. What I really need is Allocation Summary Data on Idea Object Data Providers, but until then I need a custom attribute I can copy data into upon Allocation change.


  Some threads lead me to believe the process above can't be done. I simply want to make sure before I give up and move on to a different approach.


  Am I doing something wrong? Can this be done? i'm on 14.3 FP9.