How to monitor vss - volume shadowstorage?

Discussion created by ThiagoRodrigues81981472 on Jul 27, 2017
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We want to deploy a VSS (volume shadowcopy storage) monitoring, but we already receive the information that there is no probe for this feature.


So we are trying to create this monitor by LOGMON, using Command "vssadmin list shadowstorage" and filter the information that we need. The following command output is :



All we need is collect the allocated space percent, so I try to make some filter to show only this line:



In logmon, I'd create a new profile using Command and set * to Match Expression in Watcher Rules. Then I create vss_usage variable in source position column 8, but the tool reads the parentheses and don't understand the information, sending wrong data for the QoS table.



I've make some tests using file instead command, and I try to simulate the output without parentheses, and it works. So, anyone knows if there are some regex in Match Expression of Watcher Rules that isolate the parentheses and take only the percentage variable? Or if there are some configuration to do that in Format Rules?