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Update Cost Totals :::: Action on Project >Team page

Question asked by navzjoshi00 Champion on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by Michael Thibault
  • Enhanced functionality of the Update Earned Value Totals job
    The Earned Value Totals job was renamed to Update Earned Value and Cost Totals to reflect new functionality. This job calculates the earned value and costs for projects and costs for NPIOs. The project or the NPIO can be selected using the Investment Browse field on the job properties page. The job contains parameters that let you select the OBS unit, filter mode for the OBS unit, and the investment manager. The functionality of this job can also be invoked using the object action Update Cost Totals on the Team page of an investment.
  • New Object Action on the Investment Staff pages
    The new object action Update Cost Totals is available on all project and NPIO Staff list and detail pages. This object action calculates the allocation and hard allocation costs. Three new fields (Allocation Cost, Hard Allocation Cost, and ETC Cost) were added to represent these values. The fields were added to capture the cost values in the data warehouse and cannot be broken across the time periods.
    These costs can also be selected on custom portlets that are based on the Team data provider. The Staff list and details pages also display the allocation cost and hard allocation cost.
  • Time Slice Changes
    The following time slices were added or renamed to reflect the new functionality:
    • Added:
      Assignment::ETC Cost
      Team::Allocation Cost
      Team::Hard Allocation Cost
    • Renamed:
      Assignment::Actual Cost (previously Assignment::Actual Cost Curve)

Upgrade Action: None




My understanding - If someone with the access to this option from. the Team page clicks on the Update Cost Totals, this will change the data on the Cost Plans as well ?



Can someone confirm that my understanding is correct on this?