Can YOU Help Fellow APM Admins: PotterMan, Scott, and Geethu?

Discussion created by Hallett_German Employee on Aug 1, 2017

Truncated Transaction Analysis  

TC - Fail and Slow Transaction Count 

Startup/Shutdown options on Linux reboot


 Dear Team:

       These three posts can really use your insights and experiences!  Can you help share with PotterMan, Scott, and Geethu? PotterMan and Scott are new Community members. Let's give them a great first experience in our community! 



In 2017, I initiated various efforts to improve the APM/AXA/ASM customer experience. One of these is to help this community become richer through more customer involvement. Recently, I wrote down my thoughts  


 APM Community Opportunity: Help Your Online Neighbor! 


discussing what I hope is the next transition of the APM Community.


Won't YOU help?

Why not this be the week that we begin to actively begin doing  this? I can tell you personally, what a great feeling it is when someone says that your idea was helpful or that solved their issue.


Thanks in advance to your responses to these three posts and other items! We are greatly improving teh APM Community each day 


Hal German