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Three dimensional portlet with different values in third dimension

Question asked by ClareLeonard76040337 on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by Samik Basu

I'm creating a portlet that has 3 dimensions:

  • Project
  • Task Type
  • Task

The aim of the portlet is to show task finish date and status across multiple projects for a specific subset of tasks. These tasks have 1 of 2 possible task type values. Task group one is Type = RACM, and the 4 tasks in this group are" Draft, Review, Upload, Validate. Task group two is Type = Access, and the 4 tasks in this group are "Analyze, Build, Test, Assign.


I would like the portlet to look like the attachment called portlet1 but it looks like portlet2 (I just edited the original screenshot to show the desired outcome in portlet1, fyi). I want to limit the 3rd dimension options to those that align with the value in the subtype. IE: Where Dim2 = RACM, only columns for tasks where type = RACM should appear under that dimension header. Where it = Access, only the access tasks should appear.  Here is my query:



, @SELECT:DIM:USER_DEF:IMPLIED:TASKTYPE:ot.bb_task_sub:subtype_id@
, @SELECT:DIM:USER_DEF:IMPLIED:TASK:t.prexternalid:task_id@
, @SELECT:METRIC:USER_DEF:IMPLIED:t.prName:task_name_metric@
, @SELECT:METRIC:USER_DEF:IMPLIED:TO_CHAR(t.prfinish,'MM/DD/YY'):task_finish_metric@
, @SELECT:METRIC:USER_DEF:IMPLIED:t.prStatus:task_status_metric@
FROM prtask t
JOIN odf_ca_task ot on = t.prid
JOIN inv_investments i on = t.prprojectid
LEFT JOIN cmn_lookups_v lc on lc.lookup_type = 'bb_task_sub' and lc.lookup_code = ot.bb_task_sub and lc.language_code = 'en'
AND ot.bb_task_sub in (1,2)
AND i.is_active = 1

Is there something I can do in the query to divide this up this way? I don't think it's possible to do on the portlet side. I am also not seeing the Dim2 headers but I believe this is probably related.