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WITHDRAWN:  What Program Language (java, javascript, groovy) should Jasper Studio be in?

Question asked by mtognetti on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by lakse01

WITHDRAWN--I mis-read the lab (combined with my limited java) I should have been using java.util.collection.


I am (re-) training my self on advanced reporting as I took the class almost a year ago and I am just now being asked to utilize it.  As I am working through (the beginning) of the lab against our DEV database environment I have noticed one anomaly (not big deal) and a problem as it pertains to the Jaspersoft environement.


In the lab I need to set up parameters -- no problem as I have jasper experience.  But I need to set the class to java.lang.Collection.  The environment will not let me.  It defaults, then reverts back to java.lang.string.  I have tried setting the report to use these languages (Groovy, Java, JavaScript) and all exhibit the same behavior when I try to set the advance properties of the parameter.


Is there some help you can point me to as to why I am experiencing this behavior and how to resolve it?


Thank you.