APM to UIM Alert

Discussion created by konpa01 Employee on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by pivst01

With APM 10.5.2, there is a new integration for UIM which is using REST. I set it up in my lab but it seems regardless what severity the alert (Danger, Caution in APM), the severity level in UIM is always Informational unless I am mistaken. Is there a way with this new integration to "map" the severity, for example:

- APM (Caution) to UIM (Minor)

- APM (Danger) to UIM (Major or Critical)


Also, one cosmetic issue is that all Alerts from UIM are insert on the APM EMhost regardless which APM agent raise the alert. It would be nice if the application/webserver are running UIM robot, the integration can map the APM alerts to the corresponding Robot in UIM. I understand it is not always the case that the host where APM is monitoring would have UIM robot installed but the integration should at least attempt to map the events. Instead, we are now stuck with a large Alert count on the EMHost UIM Robot.