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Need to run ESP Agent under different user account while it is installed under 'root'

Question asked by gunasekaran.loganathan on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2017 by gunasekaran.loganathan

We have a requirement to run the ESP agent under a specific user account on a Linux server, which is installed and running under root so far. 


Is it possible to start the ESP agent under a specific user account, though it is installed under 'root'. I kind of feel we will end up with permission issues. 


A fresh installation of the agent needs to be made with that specific user account. This user account is an app ID that has all the authority to trigger the batch scripts and no other user account will be used on this server. 


Details of the Agent:

64 ESP Bit Agent on Linux Server

OS (Linux for amd64)
Release (R11.3)
Build (717, Service Pack 4, Maintenance Level 0)


Please advise