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Xtraction with CA Service Desk - SLA Remaining field

Question asked by J_W on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by J_W

Xtraction version 2016.2.6037.958

CA Service Desk Manager version 14.1.03

I have an employee who is developing SLA reports.  Using the 'CA Service Desk \ Incidents' data source and creating a list report beginning with the system default columns.  This is returning the results as expected.  He added the 'SLA Violation (Yes/No)' and the results count was the same and displayed the new field as well.  But when he added the 'SLA Remaining' field, the results are reduced to one record and it has a negative value (-17380 d -17 -37 m).

I looked up the calculated field for this in the data model and it is taking the difference in seconds between the current time and the fire time on the attached events table (att_evt) for the specific incident where the event status value is 2,3,12 or 13..  This one ticket is currently on hold and the service event (4 hr cr resolution violation) is marked delayed.  The Delay Remaining shown on the incident is: 00:26:52


There are four events associated with this ticket and only the '4 hr cr resolution violation' event matches the event status value (13).  But the fire time for this event is 1612 (1969-12-31 20:26:52.000 (offset for EDT).  I figured this is why we are getting a negative value for 'SLA Remaining'.  This is also the value for 'SLA Expiry Date'.

There are two other active incidents which have event status values of 12 and also have fire times in low epoch times but they do not show up in the report results.

I don't see anything in the service event's definition that would cause this but could always use another set of eyes.

The employee's first question is why adding these fields act as a filter down to one record when there appear to be others that should be included and the second is why the results are negative.