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About Wily Introscope for SAP(RTV version)

Question asked by bmunkhzaya on Aug 3, 2017
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Hello everyone!


I use  SAP RTV version of Wily Introscope

I want to ask 3 questions.


1. What does "Custom Metric Host" mean in Introscope WebView>>Investigator tab? 

What implies process names under this "Custom Metric Host"??


2. Regarding to What do the fields in Perflog.txt mean? , in perflog.txt , "Performance.Agent.NumberOfAgents" implies the number of agents. In the perflog.txt, it says there are 266 agents, but I have only around 100 systems connected to introscope. How can this be explained?


3. In a guide 「Introscope version 9 Installation Guide for SAP 」,it goes saying to manually adapt heap size, "Typically, for up to ten agents, the default configuration using 512MB Java heap (about 1GB main memory) will suffice. ". Are the agents mentioned here same for the agents in the perflog.txt I mentioned above?


Sorry for long text, but I really need help and I have none experience in this field, plus SAP wont give me any answers..

Any reply would mean a lot.