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Action items ERROR calendar.06038

Question asked by atul.mishra08 on Aug 4, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by Samik Basu

Hi All,
Here's the situation . In the middle of a workflow process on the custom object, there is an action item being sent to a bunch of users. The action item has 2 options - approve/reject.

Let say any process creating 5 approvers for any object/sub-object instance to approve. Here 5 different action items will be send to each approvers.  

Example - 1st approver receives below link with action item id 6194001


similarly other approver will receive link with action item ids 6194002,6194003,6194004,6194005

In Clarity v13.3 ( 06 8) all these approvers are able to access own as well as other approvers action items through above link just changing action item id only (odf_pk=6194001/2/3/4/5), but in v15.2 ( they can't. Each approver can see only own action item if trying to access others will get ‘ERRORcalendar.06038’

Is there any changes done in this action item part on Clarity 15.2 ?

Please suggest