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Agile Central VCS Connector for Microsoft TFS

Question asked by Quad71 on Aug 4, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by Quad71

What is the equivalent of "AgileCentralVCSConnectorforMicrosoftTFSforWindows1.4.3" that supports TFS 2017?  I see a "AgileCentralWICforMicrosoftTFS2017_VSTSforWindows4.7.3" but this looks like for WorkItem and not a VCS Connector.


In the previous version of the plugin I see "Microsoft TFS/VSTS for Work Items" and "Microsoft TFS for Version Control" these supports TFS 2013, TFS 2015. Does the new "AgileCentralWICforMicrosoftTFS2017_VSTSforWindows4.7.3" plugin combines both? This is my confusion.


 I'm new to Rally/Agile Central so I'm hoping someone can shed some light into what I need for Team Foundation Server 2017.