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Error on item with two forms

Question asked by sperna on Aug 4, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2017 by sperna

Hi! When I asign two forms for the differents offers in an unique item the SDM ticket won't open.


This is my case:

Item = Notebook Lenovo

Offers assigned = New Laptop and Change Laptop


I need differents forms because the information changes depending on the offer where we select it. Both forms have differents text boxes and java scripts. I configure them as Disabled when I don't want to show one form. I do it with this condition: $('NEW LAPTOP') for the one on the offer "CHANGE LAPTOP" and this condition $('CHANGE LAPTOP') for the offer NEW LAPTOP.


The scripts and text boxes work fine separately and opens the SDM ticket fine, but when I configure both the SDM ticket won't open. Any ideas what could be?


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