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Can we develop or implement NFV(Network Functions Virtualization) using Devtest?

Question asked by ak266f on Aug 7, 2017
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Our team is looking to find ways create or implement NVF.Brief history about NFV is mentioned below.Any clue will also be helpful


Network functions virtualization (NFV) (also known as virtual network function (VNF)) offers a new way to design, deploy and manage networking services. NFV decouples the network functions, such as network address translation (NAT), firewalling, intrusion detection, domain name service (DNS), and caching, to name a few, from proprietary hardware appliances so they can run in software.

It’s designed to consolidate and deliver the networking components needed to support a fully virtualized infrastructure – including virtual servers, storage, and even other networks. It utilizes standard IT virtualization technologies that run on high-volume service, switch and storage hardware to virtualize network functions. It is applicable to any data plane processing or control plane function in both wired and wireless network infrastructures.