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How to handle Custom URI Handling

Question asked by blabr06 Employee on Aug 7, 2017
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I have a scenario where I need have two separate policies on a gateway that listen to two similar URI patterns. Each URI pattern must match separately so I can avoid policy logic branching and have portal analytics for each endpoint.




  1. Proxy URL: http://gateway:8080/weather/stations/*
  2. Proxy URL: http://gateway:8080/weather/stations/*/hourlyobservation 


Is there a way to set up two unique policies that each have their own custom resolution paths like above?


What I have found is that all requests route to the base URL endpoint because its matching the base first.

I have also tried setting up a global message-received fragment that uses the "resolve service" assertion but it appears to still route to the base every time. Ideally we could use a regex pattern in the custom resolution path. This seems like a fairly basic use case. How do you usally deal with this type of REST pattern?