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Expanding {{variable}}

Question asked by Jason_J on Aug 7, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2017 by Prem_Bairoliya

If I save content that contains {{variables}} the {{variables}} aren't being expanded to show the value. If I use a step like Write to Delimited file and list the {{variables}} I do see all the values expanded.


Is there some way to force the expansion of {{variables}} so I see the value and not the reference to the variable?


For context, I've got inputs like below that I pass different values for {{Host}} and {{CustomerId}} that I want to see the value passed for the test. 



In my ITR log output, when I set above string is shows setting with {{variables}} which get expanded and used when I pass to my REST step. I'm looking for a way to get the values passed in the {{variables}} without write to file so I can see


I'm sure I'm missing something simple, has anyone solved this?