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SLA Reports (Historic) is not showing any stats

Question asked by Herin on Aug 8, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2017 by Herin

Hi All,

I have already raised a case with CA on this issue but would like to know from the community if anyone has come across this issue.

We have number for SLM reports configured for our clients. We are trying to run the calculation for last 3 months. This is affecting all the SLM reports even if we select 'Create Historic Data', the report shows 0% compliance. The current month calculation works perfectly.

If we check the devices in performance reports, we can see that all the devices have statistics for last 3 months. We then thought that the SLM report would be corrupted so I created a new report but it still has the same issue. I have checked that the devices dont have duplicate entries in the SLM Data management.

I dont know if this is related but we upgraded to v8.50 in April 2017. I can see the SLA reports which were generated in past but as soon as I run recalculation on them it will remove the stats and there will be no data.


We have restarted the SLA_Engine couple of times, increased the java memory but still same issue.


Some screenshots







Data Engine:


We never had this issue in the past but all of sudden the reports are not showing stats for previous months.