Tech Tip: CA IDMS How can I check the modules that are loaded in the LPA?

Discussion created by baije01 Employee on Aug 8, 2017


We have applied an PTF to RHDCSSFM and run CAIRIM to replace this module. Is there a way to check if the correct version of RHDCSSFM is loaded in the LPA? IDMSLOOK cannot be used as it loads the module from the loadlib and does not look in the LPA.



To get the version of a module in the LPA you can use:



CONSOLE commands -


Samples for getting the header fom module RHDCSSFM.


Enter DUMP RHDCSSFM and scroll back to the header with PF7.



Use active as source in option 0: Source ==> ACTIVE and then enter in option 6: FMOD RHDCSSFM you will get something like this RHDCSSFM LIST 38CE6000. ASID(X'0001') LENGTH(X'0F88') MODULE(Rhdcssfm)

Then enter the above LIST cmd.



with DISPLAY PROG,LPA,MODNAME=RHDCSSFM you get the address of the module that can be used with a DCMT D ME command in the CV.


Additional Information:

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