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FTP proxy without path?

Question asked by jeff.nibler on Aug 8, 2017
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The docs say, "The remote path in the FTP client must be set to the service’s resolution path. If a web service is published without a resolution path, the FTP client should use /ssg/soap as the remote path. For more information, see "About the Resolution Path" in Published Service Properties."


I don't really understand what this means. I understand resolution paths in the context of HTTP, but it's a bit of a mystery in the context of FTP. When does the FTP client have to send the path? When a client app connects to an FTP server, it simply connects to a given host name and port, then sends Username and Password. A path/folder is not specified. There are many commands in FTP that don't require a path be specified, so this is where I'm getting confused. 


Say a company has an FTP server and they want the GW to proxy it, but they don't want the GW to perform the FTP authentication. Customers currently login to the FTP server directly with a UserID and Password and do not specify a path. The company's FTP server is configured to drop the user into a specific folder on the server, but to the client it will look like the root folder. The client simply uploads a file and disconnects. No path is ever specified. Is this use-case not supported by the GW's FTP proxy capability? Do you have to specify a path and if so, when do you need to specify it?