Upgrading to DevTest 10.1 - Join the Discussion!

Discussion created by mazda03 Employee on Aug 8, 2017
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Planning an upgrade to DevTest 10.1? 

Check out the latest features in functionality in our release notes.


Want to know what you need to plan for an upgrade?

Check out the DevTest Upgrade Center which hosts Best Practice guides including an overview on what is new in the 10.1, a guide on how to upgrade to 10.1 and other upgrade documentation


As a reminder, we always recommend that prior to an upgrade you:

  • Back-up your environment elements: copy and save assets, DevTest directory, and databases.
  • Update your database login credentials to have full database administrative rights. When upgrading, full database administrative rights are needed during the installation and initial running of the registry and Enterprise Dashboard.  
  • Upgrade a sandbox environment first. This way you can try out the latest features and test that your virtual services and tests are working as expected. 
  • Once you are comfortable with the sandbox upgrade, proceed to upgrade your production environment.


Do you have any upgrade questions or feedback?


Join the discussion! 


If you have questions about preparing to upgrade DevTest (CA Service Virtualization/CA Application Test), we want to help. 


If you have feedback on your upgrade experience, we want to hear it. 


We look forward to your comments!