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Uploading Report w/Subreports (created in Jaspersoft Studio)

Question asked by mtognetti on Aug 8, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by Prashank Singh

Good Day Community,


I am working on a report which includes Subreports (actually it has two and I will want to add another).  So I am practicing the upload process into CA PPM (14.3).    The report was already published to CA PPM and I have uploaded the JRXML for the main report already.  I need to now upload both of the sub-reports.  I do realize that this should not be done via Jaspersoft Studio and have used the method described in another document here in the community. The main report was successful.   I am now trying to load up the sub reports. 


I have progressed to the next element (Controls & Resources) and scrolled down to see the sub reports and clicked "Add Now".  This took me to the next screen to link to "Locate File Resource" where I browsed to my local copy of the JRXML  I then clicked Next;  At this point I received an error:  " ! The file name does not match the expected pattern: ^.+$.  The filename is:  PH_PRJ_ProjectStoryboard_Issues_Subreport.JRXML.  As you can see, there are no special characters nor spaces in the file name.  The file path is:  C:\Users\mictog\JaspersoftWorkspaceV2\MLT_TEST\EPMO Test 1\<file name>  (please note, there are spaces in the path; however, I also tried it in a path with no spaces and received the same error).


The file (path) I selected is valid and the file name matched the selection at the Controls & Resources page.  This behavior is the same for both subreports.


Thank you for any help and guidance you can provide.


Edit:  After further review, I "think" I understand that ^.+$ is a REGEX expression which looks for alphanumeric characters [0-9][a-z][A-Z] and the period "." only.  This appears to exclude the underscore "_" used in the file name.  However, this is not a new subreport and has been loaded up into our prod environment with this same name. 


Again, thank you in advance for any guidance.