A Beautiful Thing Happened Here Last Week: Admin Discussions

Discussion created by Hallett_German Employee on Aug 8, 2017


     Back in June of this year, I published a blog -- APM Community Opportunity: Help Your Online Neighbor! 

    discussing what I hope is the next transition of the APM Community.


    In this time of multiple APM releases in quick succession, employee turnover for various reasons, and more integrated/involved environments, we all need access to around the clock resources to work though our challenges and share our triumphs. 


A Beautiful Thing Happened Here Last Week





In the above two posts, fellow APM Admins had ongoing conversations about their current situations and what to do about them.  Others have also helped in prior weeks. Thank you for taking the time to do this! It is just a wonderful thing to see take place -- seeing your dream come alive!


This is what I hope becomes the rule and not the exception in this Community each and every week! 


Your Opportunity

Each day we have an opportunity to improve ourselves, our monitoring environments, and to help each other. Please consider starting or continuing to log in and participate in this community. Putting a smile on someone else's face or hearing the words , "that was helpful, thank you" is an unparalleled source of personal satisfaction.


Thank you all for your support.

Hal German